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-Minecraft BASIC OPERATIONS- Beginner In the lesson using Minecraft, we have to adjust the vocabulary level according to the student’s Minecraft and Language levels. However, the basic operation of Minecraft is very simple, so every student will memorise it within an hour. Meanwhile, they can also acquire a lot of basic Japanese vocabularies naturally. The context of the minecraft world prompts the student to form sentences and conjugate verbs. Students can intuitively memorise the sense of direction in the 3D world while proceeding with these tasks. They can also indicate the positional relation such as here / there / over there naturally. Press W. (W wo Oshimasu.) Going forward(Mae ni […]

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Kio-sensei was very professional, easy to talk to, and good at tailoring a lesson to your level. Conversing in a foreign language can be stressful and open-ended, but using Minecraft gives you more direction as a student. I was especially impressed by the way Kio-sensei was able to incorporate Japanese cultural lessons and buildings into the game world, like a virtual tour guide. by Eledaria