Japanese Lesson Minecraft

Minecraft Japanese Learning -Beyond Plan-

4 Times Lesson ( 4 with Assistant Teacher )
+Assistant Teacher schedule

Studying Tools
1. Textbook : N2, N3 JLPT books
2. Minecraft : Installing guidance will be sent on skype.
3. Quizlet : After every lessons, quizlet flashcards will be sent to you.
4. Skype : We use text, mic and webcam
5. Night Zookeeper Game: Teacher will send a blogging assignment. Students will write an essay on the blog. Teacher will correct the writing assignment.
6. Loilo Gamer Recorder : We record students minecraft presentation.

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-Reading & Discussion-
We use authentic reading materials such as Japanese news and blogs. Students will read some articles about Japan and we discuss about it in Japanese.

-Research Assignment- Beyond

Students will do a research study and give a presentation in Japanese. One of our students was researching about the  Sengoku period ( Age of Warring States) and started to build a Sengoku period castle to know more about that era. The assignment will be differentiated by students interests.

Please note following requirements:
+Requires Windows, Mac, or Linux workstations
+Requires Java 6 release 45 Runtime Environment or newer

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