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In the lesson using Minecraft, we have to adjust the vocabulary level according to the student’s Minecraft and Language levels.  However, the basic operation of Minecraft is very simple, so every student will memorise it within an hour. Meanwhile, they can also acquire a lot of basic Japanese vocabularies naturally. The context of the minecraft world prompts the student to form sentences and conjugate verbs.

Essential Questions

  • In order to operate Minecraft, what kind of words do you have to memorize?
  • What do you have to be careful in order to play Minecraft more enjoyably?

Skills & Knowledges

The students will explore the world of Minecraft with their teacher. The students can learn basic vocabularies while they are learning the basic operation of minecraft such as below,

  • Press W. (W wo Oshimasu.)
  • We go forward. (Mae ni Ikimasu)
  • Press S. (S wo Oshimasu.)
  • We go back. (Ushiro ni Ikimasu)
  • Press A. (A wo Oshimasu.)
  • We go to the left. (Hidari ni Ikimasu)
  • Press D. (D wo Oshimasu.)
  • We go to the right. (Migi ni Ikimasu)
  • Forward (Mae)
  • Back (Ushiro)
  • Left (Hidari)
  • Right (Migi)
  • Press the space. (Supeesu wo Oshimasu.)
  • To jump. (Jampu shimasu.)
  • Press the shift. (Shifuto wo Oshimasu.)
  • Greeting (Aisatsu)
  • Good morning. (Ohayo gozaimasu.)
  • Hello. (Konnichiwa.)
  • Good evening. (Konbanwa.)
  • Goodbye. (Sayounara.)
  • Thank you very much. (Arigato gozaimasu.)

Performance Tasks

Combining these words with pressing “W · A · S · D · Space button, right click and left click”, the basic operation class of Maincraft will be finished.

Students can intuitively memorise the sense of direction in the 3D world while proceeding with these tasks. They can also indicate the positional relation such as here / there / there naturally.

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