We welcome students of all different backgrounds and different language / Minecraft levels.

We prompt in replying to student questions and sessions requests. We are inspired by students’ stories everyday. Here are the stories the students wrote after taking lessons.

‘My 10yr old daughter really enjoys her lessons. She’s moving so quickly with this style and format – and she looks forward to playing Minecraft. She practiced greetings, time, numbers (1-99), and directions.’

‘Usually “conversation classes” are too formulaic: How was your day? How is the weather? What food do you like? This results in memorization of phrases. Minecraft is not a gimmick. The context of the sandbox environment prompts the student to form sentences and conjugate verbs on-the-fly.’

‘This was an excellent session. He made me feel welcome and listened to what I wanted to learn and made the learning fun and tailored to me.’

‘I really enjoyed the trial lesson, I can’t wait for the next one! Sensei was super nice and easy to talk to. I really liked how minecraft was incorporated into the lesson, I often feel nervous when I speak Japanese but being able to play minecraft helped ease some of my inhibitions 🙂 ‘

‘Sensei was great! He was nice, supportive, very professional and prepared. And his idea for using Minecraft to teach Japanese is amazingly innovative!’

‘Wonderful format. Goes from conversation practice, textbook practice, to Minecraft. Very natural method of learning.’

‘This was an excellent session. He made me feel welcome and listened to what I wanted to learn and made the learning fun and tailored to me.’

‘Sensei was patient and engaging. I really enjoyed my lesson with him. We used his mine craft course and he had me translate some sentences, which is very useful practice. He also answered some of my questions related to a comic I was reading. Thank you!’

‘Our trial lesson was very fun and productive. We did self-introductions, and then started in the Minecraft world. Sensei was very helpful at pointing out the game controls to use. We did a few simple tasks, building a pyramid and then a small house. At several points he asked me what color we should use, so you might want to review your colors before the lesson!’

‘Today, I went back to counting with Sensei today. Hes a really nice patient teacher, and using minecraft was fun. i will definitely schedule another lesson when i get the time!’

‘It’s my computer problem..very sad I couldn’t learn by minecraft game but still interested in it. Anyway, enjoyed conversation class.. Thank you very much for your support. You are good teacher who have teacher mind.’

‘I enjoyed my lesson and was able to learn different counting styles and numbers in Japanese.’

‘Great first lesson with an introduction to a interesting and very creative teaching method. Thanks very much!’

‘Sensei was very patient and kind and although it was only a trial lesson, I learnt a good amount of words and some grammar. His English is also very good.’

‘Great lesson. I´ve learned a lot about Minecraft, Japanese and innovative language teaching :)’

‘Good trial lesson. 先生 was patient with me as a beginner and helpful in general.’

‘Sensei’s way of teaching using minecraft is very interesting and refreshing! I had a lot of fun having conversations in Japanese with Sensei. Arigato gozaimasu!’

‘It was a refreshing way to learn Japanese–Sensei’s teaching method was very interactive; so I could get a feel for Japanese without thinking too hard. Good lesson!’

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