The cheapest way to become a VTuber on mac (100% Free)

*If you do not own a Windows machine (which I highly recommend you do for this project) access, a software similar to Windows’s face-tracking avatar, Live2D

Follow the instructions below to have an easy experience Vtubing on the mac:

1. Find your MMD or VRM

(MikuMikuDance (MMD) is a 3DCG software that manipulates 3D models.)

There are free accessible MMD models online, another option would be to create one yourself. Free MMD Models (If the students are under the age of 13 regulate what avatar they use—the websites are not for younger viewers and may be inappropriate) : 

Place to find MMD

I use VRM models. Commonly used amongst Vtubers and for virtual reality headsets.

*Caution, there are sometimes inappropriate models for the students under 13. Be mindful to find the best model for you to VTube.

2. Create your own 3D models

You can also create your own 3D avatars with the software below.

Please do not use smartphone apps such as Reality and Mirrativ ( Not the best option if social media is not the medium you are using )

3. Download OBS

Download it from here.

4. Set up FaceVtuber

  1. Open Chrome
  3. Chose avatar file ( you can also use default 3D model on facevtuber )
  4. Click Start
  5. Click Set
  6. Chose Green on 背景色 (Background color)
  7. Click PopWindow

5. Set up OBS

You can learn basics on the obs website.

The bolded instructions are taken straight from this website:

  1. Create a scene in OBS
  2. Add a source to the scene
  3. Select Window Capture
  4. Create New > OK
  5. Tick the box labeled “Show Windows with empty names”
  6. Select a source (“Window”) labeled [Null].
  7. When prompted, go to System Preferences and allow OBS to record your screen.
  8. After following these steps, the [Null] windows are now properly labeled and everything shows up even when the “Show Windows with empty names” box is not ticked.
  9. Control+Click the “window capture” and chose “filter”
  10. Click + to add chromakey filter

6. Streaming

Now you are free to stream!! Please refer to the following links to stream from OBS. Enjoy! 🙂

What you need to live stream and how to do it

How to Live Stream with OBS (Open Broadcasting Software)

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