Our Method

Reading & Writing

Using textbook to study Japanese grammar.


Providing inquiry based learning.

Speaking & Listning

Enjoying discussion and presentations.

Our Teaching Method;
Using Minecraft as a platform. The language proficiency levels are adjustable. We can also find best textbook that will be suitable for you. Recommended textbook for the beginner and intermediate is Genki 1 and Genki 2. After Genki textbooks, we will use JLPT (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test – 日本語能力試験) textbook and prepare for the test. We will work to maximize your learning and achievement through the use of minecraft.

This method provides students enjoyable and sustainable language learning experience. First of all, no tears. Students can enjoy to finish their assignment.

We provide stress free language conversation lesson with minecraft. Some students don’t like to be in the situation that we have to face-to-face all the time for 60 minutes, but we don’t need to.

We can also design an Differentiated-Assignment. We differentiate the goal and task depending on the student’s Japanese level.

We have a few brilliant assistant teachers to help out certain hours. They are more than capable to keep up the level of teaching students through my method. We recommend you to take lessons at least once with Teacher (MCJP_Teacher) so we can keep up and track your Japanese proficiency level. We offer you lesson package plans. Please take a look and chose one that suits you. *Intermediate students can take both beginner plan and advanced plan.

Beginner Plan,  $110

4 Times Lesson ( 2 with Teacher, 2 with Assistant Teacher )
+Teacher schedule
+Assistant Teacher schedule 

Advanced Plan,  $95

4 Times Lesson ( 1 with Teacher, 3 with Assistant Teacher )
+Teacher schedule
+Assistant Teacher schedule

Beyond Plan,  $75

4 Times Lesson ( 4 with Assistant Teacher )
+Assistant Teacher schedule

For the Minecraft lovers,  $5

Learn Pay & Play
We are going to have a Meetup in the minecraft world (REALMS). Anyone can join this session and enjoy conversations in Japanese with Senseis.

Writing Support Plans *please see our patreon page*


Payment & Booking Process

1. Pick your plan
2. Fill out the form “Contact us”
3. We will contact you and your registration will be approved.
4. You will receive an invoice.
5. Schedule your lesson.
6. Let’s Play to Learn!





Japanese Teacher

Head of Minecraft Japanese Language Institute.



Japanese Teacher

Brilliant Assistant of Minecraft Japanese Language Institute



Swedish Teacher

Professional Swedish Teacher

Lesson Reviews



10 years old

‘My 10yr old daughter really enjoys her lessons. She’s moving so quickly with this style and format – and she looks forward to playing Minecraft. She practiced greetings, time, numbers (1-99), and directions.’



25 years old

‘Usually “conversation classes” are too formulaic: How was your day? How is the weather? What food do you like? This results in memorization of phrases. Minecraft is not a gimmick. The context of the sandbox environment prompts the student to form sentences and conjugate verbs on-the-fly.’



26 years old

‘I really enjoyed the trial lesson, I can’t wait for the next one! Sensei was super nice and easy to talk to. I really liked how minecraft was incorporated into the lesson, I often feel nervous when I speak Japanese but being able to play minecraft helped ease some of my inhibitions ‘




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